3,145,000 Hits
Thread active for 5 years 10 months or roughly 2,135 days.
Average total for hits each day 1,473
Total post average per day 1.3

Total members 2,645. Of those members, 45 have posted or 2%(?) over 5 years 10 months. (Obviously not accurate since there were not as many members 5 years ago)
Of those Members the reverend makes up for almost 40% of the posts about 20% of those 45 make up for the majority of the rest with over 50 posts in 5 years and 60% have posted 1 to 10 replies leaning toward the lower than 6 reply average.

If you subtract the average daily post in 2,135 days which is 2,776 or the 1.3 per day, that means that 1,472.7 people per day pass upon viewing the content of the topic.

Thought those who are impressed with numbers might enjoy these.
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