Rev- You often used to challenge this atheist on lack of belief in god, as you asserted that belief is inate and necessary in us all. Your point of view used to imply that I 'believed' in atheism and we had long chats about the fact that atheists do not believe in atheism. There is no atheistic faith requiring dogma, worshippers or profession of belief by its adherents. It is a simple lack of belief that makes an atheist.

I have noticed a change in your arguments now. However you persist in the view that belief is an inherent part of humanity. You, yourself, have a strong and sustained belief in your personal idea of god, but that does not mean others need or desire that too. Now you seem to be attempting to use one narrow, personally chosen branch of psychology to back up your point of view. I wonder how Jung would appreciate this interpretation of his theories?

And, to clarify earlier musings I made on the possibility of conscious enjoyment of a pleasurable after-life, I think that the old saying- "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"- sums it up. Our imagination can take us anywhere, but wishes are not reality. Thus I do not believe in all the creations of my fairly active imagination!