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OK, maybe my memory is faulty and Isaac wrote a different story, but the fact remains that there is an identical story: Answer’ by Fredric Brown. ©1954, Angels and Spaceships....
Yes, and here is the source: http://www.alteich.com/oldsite/answer.htm Answer’ by Fredric Brown. ©1954, Angels and Spaceships. Thanks. Google (the infallible? source smile ) found it for me.

When I wrote my story, and used it in a sermon, I had no idea where I got the idea, or where I got the punch line, "There IS now!" I read very little science fiction.

Here's a thought: Perhaps I could expand on my version by adding:

"There IS now..." There was a long minute of silence.

"And I am pleased to tell you that what you and your son have done is this: Guided by the love--the sumum bonum, the highest good--and respect you have for one another's enriching differences, and for all the truth the sciences are capable of uncovering, you have succeeded in getting in touch with the ever growing and all-knowing source of all knowledge, wisdom and power that is deep within the heart of all humanity, collectively speaking.

NOW, listen closely. From this point we will use the collective "we". We are ONE with YOU and ALL that is: Depending on what we human beings choose--We are free to love or to hate; to can say yes, or no, to life--we can use this knowledge and power to destroy, or to create. When we choose the destruction things and of others. However, beware, in doing so, we choose self-destruction.

One final thought. And we will put it, affirmatively: We will always practice the art of mindfulness. We will be mindful of that which divides us and of that which unites us. We are especially mindful to be careful not to use words which divide us.

In all things, we choose to work for that which does not divide and separate us from the good of all of us. Instead, we choose that which creates the highest good for all. All each individual needs to do is to provide the will-power, we will provide the do-power. Any questions or comments?
Here we can add you more affirmations:..........................