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One of his (The Rev and doctor of psychology, Lester D. Weatherhead) famous booklets is about:
Where do you stand on reincarnation?
Me? I stand with people like, Winston Churchill, the famous politician, and even a great statesman--famous for, more than once, crossing the floor as a member of the British Parliament.

You may remember that, when he was once asked: "Are you a Conservative (right wing)? Or a Liberal left wing)?"

He responded--probably with tongue-in-cheek and a grin on his face: "On most great issues, I stand in the EXTREMEcentre!" laugh

When it comes to important, and yet un-proved, pneumatological questions, like: Is there any kind of life beyond the death of this body? I take an optimistic stand. The idea is too good, not to be true!

Seriously, I think of the E-C as being a very important and valuable place to be, most of the time. This choice is not a cop out.

I like to think of the E-C as the same as the NOW. For me, the Now began when I became aware that I was aware. I suspect the same is also true for all people who enjoy exploring challenging ideas.

Whether we know it or not, we all live move and have our being in the NOW. From this point we see more of the NOW there is to see.

Also, from this point there are several sciences which we can use to look back, better explore the past and even design, not waste time predicting, the kind of future we would like to have. This may seem like a bold and arrogant statement, but here it is: The present I now enjoy is the future I used to visualize, imagine and dream about.

Politically and economically speaking, as I have written elsewhere, the EC is more of a feathers-like approach than a wings one.

Feathers, which cover the whole bird--not just the wings--have an extremely important role to play in the well-being of the whole bird. Powerful wings are of no use without feathers, especially tail feathers.

THE EARTH AS A SPACESHIP-- or, more romantically, a bird

I like to think of Mother Earth (ME) as a great bird flying through time and space. Once--and nobody knows when it came into being--Mother Earth was simply a flaming ball of inorganic matter.

Then, as the Bible puts it: "In the fullness of time"--that is, many, many light-years ago--out of a primordial mineral soup, there came into being what I now think of as the feathers of life, in all its forms. One of its forms happens to be us as more or less conscious human beings.

If I have any choice in the matter, it this: I choose to be a conscious part of the process. And you?

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