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And I intuit that GOD, as the GOOD, does things, in and through us, not to and for us.

What's the connection between 'good' and 'GOD'? It still looks like just common sense to me.

You think that GOD does things, through people's actions, but isn't concerned with their effect on people? Isn't that exactly what conventional nature does? Where's the distinction?


I am looking for what we all have in common and sounds plausible, even when sometimes it looks fantastic, even impossible.

That's what nature is.


BTW, did you tell us: What is your expertise?

I don't remember, but there's no need to make this personal. Your idea should stand on its own. Same goes for comments about what the pope said. I'm sure your idea isn't dependent on the pope's words, so mentioning them only detracts from understanding.

I suppose I should make my concern really clear:

"Please itemize the differences between your concept of GOD and the usual concept of nature."