Orac-- You are in fact on to something! The New Testament is one of the main fundamental divisions that separate Jewish, and also Muslim beliefs. All 3 faiths believe a Messiah-like figure will come to save believers (indeed that is a promise in many of the world's religions.) The difference is that the Christians believe that this has happened once already, and the most of the others are still unconvinced.

The New Testament is an account of Jesus' life , death and some of what happened immediately afterwards, and, to some extent, what will happen in the future. It really contradicts some/most aspects of Judaism and Islam. However don't those faiths also accept Jesus as a Prophet?

Christians however,see acceptance of Jesus as their saviour and the son of god, and, also, by reason of his sacrifice, he is the way to Eternal Life in the presence of their god for believers. Most christian sects believe a variation of this statement which is radically different from the other two faiths (and apparently enough to fight bitterly for centuries about).

Judaism has many divisions too. It seems to me that most religions do!