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Well, TT, we are surely all fully aware that the oft used and tiresome numbers nonsense is, well, nonsense.

That was rather obvious when the announcements went out about the number of hits this thread had, yes.
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What did you say about ego? Oh yes. I might disagree with you on many things, but you do hit some nails squarely on the head. That said, if the thread is being used as a sort of social club, then at least it's providing a positive service, albeit to a bare handful of individuals.

Yes global weather reports do enliven a few individuals. Some here excel in their delight to use this venue as a chat room. That being said, the number of hits becomes rather elusive when applying it to the topic of philosophy of religion.
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BTW, the weather here is pretty chilly even for the cold season, and my dog is staying indoors rather more than usual.

There you go, good people, another post to add to the count smile

Yes..there you go
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