Kallog misspeaks again:
Just saying that your GOD is part(or all) of nature doesn't excuse it from being an idol. It's like me saying "I worship my bicycle, it is God". That's not created with my imagination, it's a real thing. But it's also just a bicycle. Similarly, the universe is just the universe, claiming that it's also GOD is making it into an idol.
Kallog, it is a conundrum to me as to why you continually take my words and twist them. Are you practicing to be obtuse? Why are you saying that I am a pantheist?

Kallog, I am a UNITHEIST. I have said several times: UNITHEISM is the same as PANENTHEISM--as described by described by the Rev. Charles Hartshorne and based on the process philosophy and theology of the philosopher and mathematician A.N. Whitehead. Nature is IN GOD, not the other way round!

If you refuse to understand this, and to give the moderators an acceptable reason as to why you twist my words, I will have to walk away and no longer have a dialogue with you.

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