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One member, Cybert, told the forum that he had been castrated and the zero testosterone in his body helped him confirm his atheism and anti-mysticism.

lucid_dream' date='Sep 14, 2006, quotes:'Cybert' (Sep 14, 2006)" has made me much more atheist"

That's rich. God is a sex hormone-induced delusion. Maybe there's some truth to that. I wonder what Lindsay would think about that!

I responded: Browsing, I just happened to catch this question posted some time ago.
GØD, G-d, or God, IMHO, isn't anything, objectively real, or subjectively imagined. Like all that we call nature--the cosmos and the ineffable vacuum, that in which the cosmos has its being--GØD simply is...No other verb than the verb "to be" applies when speaking of GØD, which, IMO is the absolute and unique wholly other.

I have no objection to child-like thinkers who imagine GØD as being as one (usually masculine) who is like a benevolent heavenly father. But for mature and rational people to create a god, even mentally, is just as much idolatry as creating a physical object. If this is what Cybert is against, he is simply anti-idolatry, not an atheist.

In order for anyone to be an absolute atheist one would need to say: "I do not consciously exist, and there is no such thing as existence.Existence, whether real or imagined, temporary or eternal, is an absurd concept, so contrary to reason that it is a laughable; foolish and ridiculous."

I trust that, once and for all, I have made it clear what I mean when I write the unique symbol of existence, real and absolute,"GØD". While it is possible to say that, existence, real and absolute, is absurd, it is logically impossible to deny that existence (GØD) IS. Do you disagree? Okay, try doing it, now.
BTW, later today, my wife and I leave for a trip to the east coast of Canada. We will be visiting New Brunswick and our alma mater,
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