Quote:"The most logical conclusion is that the cosmos is infinite/eternal"

I'm not sure who said this! I think Bill did. However this is very true--- but the next logical step is not that infinity = divinity. (Neat huh! I must remember that!!!)

And, Bill, Please please, please BELIEVE me when I say Atheism is not a belief. We are all born atheists and left to our own devices would probably come to terms with the main question ( ie what is the origin of everything?) on our own terms.

Atheism is actually an absence of belief in the divine in all its manifestations. Incidentally if Dawkins has been correctly quoted he is in fact an agnostic not an atheist, and why the preoccupation with Dawkins. He's interesting I agree, but there are many more really interesting writers on this whole area, and they have not got his hectoring style or a desire to be the Bishop of the Church of Atheism.

Rev--Can maths prove infinity or eternity? But does it matter?-- it will still be there (or not ) whether we believe in it (or not). Like God.