Hmmm. OK. May I butt in? I was just passing thru. You know how it is.

Trying to sort it all out, are we? Digging deep into that voluminous store of genuine edumacated knowledge? Are some really so far ahead of others in their uh, "deep" understanding of the truth? lol

Was that what we were actually looking for? Are we sure?

Will we understand truth thru an additional course of study? No doubt, serious theology is our best friend! lol Perhaps the psychologists have some new results? The socioligsts? The archaeologists? The geneticists?
Perhaps answers lie hidden in the next book or maybe just around the next corner? Someone must know. Who could it be? What would they be like? How tall? How fat? We dig the details, don't we? And the concepts and ideas... the more convoluted and esoteric and learned, the better, eh? What a game to play.

If truth cost money, we would gladly pay, and we do so eagerly, over and over again! Are we ever satisfied? If it was free, we would be suspicious and we are, continually! lol Does our suspicion, doubt and confusion serve us well?

But we? We have no clue, do we? That is the overwhelming situation and condition. But don't take my word for it.

The truth we all seek is a complicated thing, no doubt. Peace must be really complicated, too. I mean, we've got all the best brains working on it day and night, right? They shuttle back and forth in their limos and declare their treaties all over the place. They sign guilded, acid-free parchments, exchange cerimonial pens and toast themselves and their grand, nearly- impossible-to-achieve accomplishments.

Others scream, virtually foaming at the mouth that we are all sinners and they shake their bibles at us and millions watch the show and sigh... Amen, brother. Amen. Boo-hoo-hoo.

And on the banks of the Mother Ganges the pundits are still punditing as their predecessors did in turn for hundreds and hundreds of years. They're still discussing it. Truth. They may be re-translating the last translation. I don't know.

Meanwhile.... everyone alive. Time is passing. The lights are scheduled to go off. It is a certainty. Don't worry about it. Consider it.

Don't forget to breathe. Try to not miss a single one. Just that simple awareness alone is all there is and all one needs. You can sit down and start gently, anytime.

Appreciation. Gratitude. Awareness. Love. Peace.

But, don't take my word for it. Be that scientist.