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2.You say that a newly-born child is without any kind of belief.
a)Is this a fact for which there is evidence?
b)Or is it opinion?

Its a fact (which, based on your writings, I suspect you know). Feral children, while a tragedy, have taught us a lot of how the human brain works, and about the origins of many human behaviours. Feral Children and Clever Animals: Reflections on Human Nature by Douglas K. Candland is a thorough (although somewhat dry) book that goes into this data in detail.

One of the more interesting aspects is language - we humans obviously have an ability to learn and use language, but language itself is no innate - if you do not learn language early in life (before 3 or 4 years of age) it becomes nearly impossible for you to learn a language beyond the most rudimentary use of words (i.e. sentences are generally out-of-reach, single-word communications are not).

In the case of religion, these children have indeed shown us that the concept of god and the supernatural is very much a learned concept - to the point in which the concept remains unfathomable to many feral children.