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My point is this: From the beginning, we were, and still are, in on the whole process--from simplicity to complexity--we call creation.

Huh? That's again totally different from what you've been talking about.


There was, and is, no god or devil out there who helps us do it, or who makes us do it.

So why have GOD?


Theism teaches: In the beginning there was a perfect and
and many a even psychotic. See Sigmund Freud's book, The Future of an Illusion.

Please don't write so much! I'm trying to understand your GOD. I already have the general idea how conventional religions work. If you could be as clear as that about your GOD that would be interesting!

I've picked up these points from your message. Let me know if it's what you're trying to say:

The universe is like a work of art in progress.
It's changing from simple to complex.
We people are influencing that change.
GOD doesn't guide us or force us.

Still GOD is just thrown in there with no apparent connection to anything else. Why is it there?

How about this. Imagine going back through all your posts and deleting every reference to GOD. Do you think it would make a difference to their meaning? Could you have conveyed the same ideas without GOD? You could keep GOD-like because that's a reference to a human behavior, not GOD.