Even skimming through this thread has been hard work. I am left with the impression that contributors, in general, have developed ways of looking at life with which they are reasonably comfortable, and which afford them a degree of security.

To a great extent this supports my long held belief that God is defined by the pre-conceptions of individuals and groups; many of whom then decide that their beliefs are the only right ones.

Regulars on this forum will know that I am fascinated by the idea of an infinite cosmos. A little consideration might make “Cosmos” and “God” interchangeable in such a way as to answer Kallog’s question:

Originally Posted By: K
Can you also confirm that GOD has no consciousness, no ability to make decisions, doesn't influence people's thoughts, and doesn't interact with the world in any way?

If the cosmos is truly infinite, then there are no divisions, and there is no passage of time. Every “part” is the whole, so the various parts of Kallog’s question would be answered as follows:

The cosmos has consciousness because we are conscious; it makes decisions because we make decisions; it influences people’s thoughts because all thoughts are the thoughts of the cosmos and it interacts with the world because the world, like everything, is the cosmos.

If I said that that was what I believed, I would be expressing just another belief system.
If I claimed that I could provide scientific proof, I would be making a claim I could not substantiate.
I find myself wondering, though, if this is the sort of statement that Kallog is hoping to draw from Rev.
There never was nothing.