If I am to understand your philosophy of religion I would like to know about
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Well, in your eyes it [box?] is everything you believe I stand for... or don't stand for.
So, list a number of things you do, or do not, stand for. List some of the "original teachings" and "the roots".

You say you are the "Co founder and officer of a non-profit corporation." Interesting. What valuable things do you produce? Do you say and believe you were a "Monk in a pre-christian order"? Does this mean you believe in re-incarnation? I keep my options open on the idea.

Do you seriously believe that
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God plays all kinds of games. Humanity is a game. As for roots.. That which I have spoken of, you have not accepted. Something about not liking a lack of definition....That which creates and serves the creation of humanity. In that there is nothing that is exclusive. AND nothing of the relative impresses or impacts it.
Moral action then, is that which is joined with all that IS in the reflection of creation. EVERYTHING is love, or direction and functionality.
I have no idea what you mean by the above and by this
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"Beliefs color all aspects of reality and without the understanding and experience of God, spirituality and morality are subjective."
Please, how would you tell a 12 year old the above, and this
God and the experience of God is superior to any belief system. Regardless of belief God still exists as God and does not change because of ones changing beliefs.

God is not democratic.
You asked me about my concept of G0D. The next post following is just a start to respond to this important question.

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