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Why are you saying that I am a pantheist?
I didn't notice the distinction till now.
Good! Glad you noticed. Paying respectful attention to what others are really saying, plus having a dialogue--not just debating to win points--usually leads to real communication. You ask
So is it like this?:
- The universe is part of GOD.
Without any claim to being an infallible scientist, I would say, Yes!
- GOD also includes other things that aren't part of the universe.
I agree and would add: As the universe expands into space (GOD) new "things" will come into being as things.
Those other things must be fantasies, unlike the universe part which we can observe.
The ability to imagine, as it were, to fantasize, is a very human and great ability. Good science usually involves people--Like Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Spinoza, Einstein, Whitehead, Jung, for example--who loved to fantasize.
But I want to know how GOD interacts with people.
Now pay attention! IMO (I assume you know the meaning of this acronym, right?) I interact with GOD with every breath I take, my senses, my imagination, my thinking, and with every thought, word and deed.

GOD is that which is within anyone who wills GOD to be within. We have this amazing gift: free will. Therefore, of my own free will: I use this gift to to include GOD in all that I imagine, think, say know and do. It would be foolish of me to will otherwise.

BTW, IMO, Jesus was the first, or one of the first, to realize human beings can have this wonderful gift. Nowhere did Jesus ever say: I am the Son of (same as) GOD and others are not. It is simply a matter of being willing to be GOD-filled.

For example, read John 10:34 and John 17:20 ..., carefully. What do you think this means?
And what capabilities it lacks. I think it has no consciousness, but what else?
IMO, the consciousness is within us. Like I said: G--goodness O--omnipotence & D--divinely desirable truth, justice, peace and prosperity for all. As you said
That suggests consciousness. Is that the part that's outside the universe?
YES! and inside, too--as quantum physicists are beginning to discover. It seems that what some ancient philosophers and theologians fantasized about is now becoming a physical and scientific reality.

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