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I assume that you were once introduced to The One who does NOT change, and that you still are in touch. If so, please feel free to arrange an introduction for me.

It is within your every thought feeling and action. All you need is to introduce your self to your Self.
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You say to me
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You change yours as quick as you think up new thoughts and new acronyms.
You call it "change" meaning...?.
IT meaning your beliefs
You've used G'd G*D G_D G?D etc. etc. Been an advocate of Protheism, Panentheism, Unitheism, Holotheism etc. etc. over the past few years adding all of your newest ideas and definitions as you also read new books, or web articles, taking on others ideas as your own.
You really seem to exemplify chameleonism if there is such a thing...
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Also, BTW, you imply that you have THE changeless Truth. Have you told Ellis and Bill S, etc., yet?
I do not imply that I have, but rather I experience the absolute. One does not own that which is.
Everything I have written about it, is open to all who come here. However.. finding no interest in the subject matter of this thread, few post in reference to the absolute because they would rather talk about their own personal beliefs or not post at all.

Bill refers to it in his signature quote from the Bhagavad Gita.
The Bible refers to it in Jesus' reference to the Father.
Tolle refers to it as the "NOW" and you unconsciously mentioned it in your post #42120 when you made your claims to panentheism as being similar to the topics of discussion within the Upanishads where the reference to Brahman was mentioned.

Thing is, you were campaigning for an ism. The absolute is beyond all isms. It is what all isms try to capture within the changing belief systems of imagination that precede the actual experience of that, which in itself does not change.

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Meanwhile--until I hear, convincingly, what really is THE absolute Truth--I choose to evolve within and with G-0-D.

Obviously. Evolving within personal beliefs and boundaries is what most will choose to do (if you want to call rearranging the box evolution). Why should you be different? Until one has their own experience of that which underlies the diversity of belief in life, one assumes whatever the majority vote decrees thru popular belief. Which is most likely why you advocate a democratic theism.

Ultimately one evolves beyond relative democratic authority to become aware of something much more real than changing beliefs.
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...What is truth absolute for one, is Truth for all.
Seriously, and in the spirit of agape-love-based dialogue, I say: Let us all take a look. smile

Many look, but because of belief, what is seen/experienced is filtered into subjective realities.

Love, or the spirit of love being subjective and all... whistle
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