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...OK. I try (You mean you will try?) not to use sarcasm or rhetorical questions - for the reason you gave. But sometimes I ask extreme questions and really want an answer, which would illuminate something....
Good comments and well received. As long as you warn me and give me the right to plead ignorance or, if necessary, the right to remain silent, go ahead, ask your "extreme questions".

BTW, Kallog, this could open the door for all of us to satisfy our curiosities about other posters. For example, though I respect peoples right to privacy, I am very curious about all who post here, but:

ARE ALL QUESTIONS "fair game" as you say. Is it fair for us to ask one another about: Where we live, work and play? Our Birth date, our family life? Our religion? Our politics? The kind we ask people running for public office?

Or personal questions like: Are we loners? Health? Love life? To what extent we are ideological, or not? What motivates us to get involved in forums like this? What kind of questions do we welcome? Or not welcome? smile

BTW 2. Of course I like being with people with whom I have a lot in common, but I also find that differences of race, creed and class can also be very enriching. I very much like the basic principle known as the Golden Rule. Is it possible that it too has its flaws and can be improved on?

To obviate, or remove, the threat that I am on the attack, that I am only interested in preaching at people in the attempt to indoctrinate them, I usually preface my comments with the acronym IMO (in my opinion). Perhaps I should write IMSO--meaning in my sincere opinion.

'Doctrinaire' can be used as a noun to describe an impractical theorist--one who stubbornly tries to apply a theory without considering the actual circumstances.
This means that, ideologically speaking, I am open, flexible and non-dogmatic. I very consciously try to avoid being a doctrinaire.

I will give you the last word about having:
...an honest discussion. Sometimes it can lead to realizing that you don't understand something as well as you would like. That's the usefulness of arguing, it encourages critical thought, which can lead to actually improving understanding, as opposed to "preaching to the choir".
Back to what GOD is... in my next post.

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