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Hello Rev.

Are you not using the God word (or a variation thereof) merely as a linguistic pigeon hole for a basket of emotions, ethics and morality, and saying that all that you call God will be found therein? ...
The short answer is, yes! Thanks for the question.

In my opinion, which is all I have to offer: I find it impossible to think of anything outside GOD. I can connect with but cannot visualize anything outside GOD. I mean, what can possibly be beyond infinity and eternity? BTW, do atheists deny the concepts of infinity and eternity?

You answer my question in the affirmative, but then state that you find it impossible to think of anything outside of 'GOD'. This would appear to be contradictory.

Whether or not I'm an atheist may be a matter of opinion, but I can say that I'm compelled to see the totality of all things as infinite and eternal.
"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Wheeler