Guilt is simply the result of us doing something that is bad for us or for someone else. There is no difference. We share neurotransmitters with each other constantly on the most basic level and following a higher way of thinking, we all occupy this dimension so everything we do affects everything else: a single thread- the emotions you feel produce hormones that wash off your skin and go into the ground and into the plants that grow and we eat.

To feel guilt is to mourn for this negative affect we have produced.

Guilt is not a product of evolution. Evolution theory is obsolete. Every 200,000 years the magenetic poles flip and everything is wiped out. You think that in this short chapter of geological life man has developed guilt as a means of survival?
If anything wouldn't man lose the instinct for guilt?

Evolution is just a ridiculous concept made up to convince man that they should turn against each other and fight like wild dogs.

The strength of future generations is based on love- the strength of the family unit, of social ties, of letting each other eat (many people still haven't learnt to share well into their 50's), of mental and physical stability independant of artificial chemical poisoning. A man in love does not need caffeine to stay awake or weed to relax. And his children will benefit. The frequencies produced by human empathy and love can override any form of depression or agression. The magnetic field that we live within is very senstive to human emotions and negative emotions feed this '2012' phenomenena.

Guilt is the voice telling us to fix up- for your own benefit and for that of everything and everyone else. We conduct the light of life and to ignore a terrible feeling means that we only do so to our own detriment.

Who is this fool telling people to overcome guilt? Why not overcome the rubbish we have to deal with that makes us feel guilt then there is the beginning of a solution. Seems like this person doesn't really care about mankind at all. Anyone who tell you to ignore it when you feel bad usually has their own agenda or is the person making you feel that way in the first place.