Not sure what your case is.
But assume you are resting in your own idea and belief of whatever that is.

If your case, is in point, that claims to understanding do not mean one knows what they speak of, I have been making that point to the Reverends ever changing designs on what he wishes to call God, in the fact that his experiences are with definitions and not the actual reality of God. At least that is the way he presents himself for all of the years I have been reading his postings.
All of his definitions originate with him and his beliefs, and his experiences of himself. Because they change with his beliefs, His God changes into relative patterns of thought and idealism based on his external world.
Its like saying the body rules the mind. That is what scientists used to believe and how doctors used to approach healing. Rearrange the outside and the cause is never addressed.
Experience often follows belief. Thoughts create experiences, and since thoughts and beliefs constantly change, one often follows their thoughts and beliefs in the idea that the relative is the foundation of the God experience.
The opposite is true however.
The relative follows belief, and God is the immortal Self which upholds the creative aspect of belief in experience.
Within all changing experiences and beliefs, is a stable unified field which does not change, as it permeates all realities within the changing system of beliefs and experiences that follow belief.

That! is tangible and is in itself resonant.
Consciousness recognizes consciousness, and it is beyond the judgments and limitations of the ego.

Without the anchor of the absolute/infinite in all changing beliefs and experience, Knowledge is based on illusion.
Reality changes, facts change with changing beliefs, and science changes as it is created thru those changing beliefs.
Knowledge evolves from ignorance to advancing ignorance, where the ultimate is never experienced but foreseen as inevitable, and usually finite.
Every culture and civilized society which glorifies itself eventually passes and the following looks down upon the past as limited, and without fullness of experience and understanding.

Knowing is not as knowledge, the knower is not mortal, and the process of knowing that which is known, is not a process of evolution but inherent in all relative aspects of the infinite.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!