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The Ignore Button- to press or not to press!

I am still ignoring Tutor Turtle (though I am very suss about some of the Anons!) I would like to explain why I made the decision to ignore someone.

TT used to post incredibly long, turgid and dogmatic tracts which if they were speeches would have been filibusters. Sometimes too he/she was rather ill-mannered and poersonal, (as I admit I could be accused of being just now). It is his/ her right to contribute as he/she wishes, as it is mine to not read it, or even want to read it.

Believe me it took a lot to make me press that ignore button as I believe that if a person is expressing a valid and lawful point of view then they should be heard. But the best thing to do to a person having a tantrum is to ignore them.

It's all a matter of perspective isn't it.
No one can make us do anything unless we decide they have something in them that can sway our own sensibility.
To give someone that much power over us, forcing ourselves to protect our ability to make any choice of free will seems contrary to reality.

Really tho, it's never about the other person. It's all about our ability to maintain control, or I should say to protect ourselves from the fear of losing it.