You answer my question in the affirmative, but then state that you find it impossible to think of anything outside of 'GOD'. This would appear to be contradictory.
Contradictory, Redewenur? Sure I can think of the concept of infinity and eternity, but as an artist, I can't paint a picture of it, take a picture of it or, other than to call it a mystery, describe it in writing.

I use the acronym, GOD, to refer to and include everything that we as human beings know and, also, do not know--that which is meaningful and ultimately true.

The sign of a sick religion is one ruled by willfully-blind and obscurantist leaders with sheep-like followers. For example, Christianity before the Reformation, which led to the rise of the sciences, was very ill. The so called "Age of Faith" was really an age of blind faith.

As an advocate of healthy religion, I strongly believe it is OK for science to do the kind of research which, at the moment, may appear to be useless. It OK to explore what we now call mysteries. When anything of concrete value and of practical use is found then that mystery is no longer a mystery.

Yes the FAMILY LIFE FOUNDATION wants people to be healthy
BTW, take a look at www.familyfoundation.ca let me know what you think. Are the fantastic claims made for ProArgi9 by Synergy.com based on science and worthy of our trust?

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