The Rev. does like to herd people into his own corral. It would seem he does like to pry into others business and affairs so he can dip into his personal history of relationship with the world of note. The need for recognition as a person of authority would necessitate such a method of action.
Religious agendas often motivate people to validate themselves so that they can gain a certain amount of respect, and to then give creedence to the sermon and sales pitch for self and product of self as universal truth.
It takes a bigger person who is not immersed within the self aggrandized house of personal accomplishment to actually listen to another without putting the personal agenda first.

The Pharisees of 2000 years ago were of the same personality.

I think what is of importance within the personal is the idea of where one stands beyond the personal when it comes to universal brotherhood. Many talk a talk, but few walk beyond the personal and engage the world and all that is in it at a level that is beyond the ego.
I think if we are going to stay on topic the conversation would have to be about philosophy, which is to stretch personal opinion beyond the personal accomplishment and the personal need to nudge non participants of like mind and opinion and then label them lurkers.

Then adding the history of Austrailian participation in the manufacture and development of refrigeration to the conversation would be a bit off topic and more toward the idea of a personal conversation outside of the topic to gather friends into the corral of personal agendas. (Unless refrigeration in Australia is a religion)
Just a thought.. whistle