TT wrote to Rev;
Ah, so you compared notes with those who had their own opinions about the Maharishi rather than actually immersing yourself in Maharishi and his Teachings.
That put things into perspective.
I suppose the discovery of some similarities in the idea that God is not a person or thing with expectations would give someone a feeling or idea of possibly knowing everything about The Maharishi and his teaching...

TT- Is it necessary to have met someone in order to have some understanding of their philosphy? Surely the method Rev described is the method by which people learn of ideas and trends ie. by comparing notes---and presumably discussing and conducting personal research into the new ideas and assessing them. None of us can meet Gandhi, Confucius or Jesus but many think their ideas have merit and relevance.

I have to say that in this instance you have been hammering Rev with your own personal take on spirituality, which you obviously find revealing and beneficial. This is great for you, but others are still seeking the destination you seem to have found. However annoying we find Rev he seems to me to be one who is still seeking affirmation that his search for 'truth' is a valid one, and one which he will find ( or has found) the answers, which he now seeks to share. Just like you really.

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