Given a year to think about it, are you now able to define GOD?....
Whenever I spoke to children in my church, including my children (Now married with families), and my grandchildren (the youngest is now fifteen)--about complex ideas and concepts I have always found it quite helpful to start by saying something like the following: Let's talk about the north and south poles. Keep in mind that I am not talking about poles that stick out the ground. By pointing to a spot on a globe they usually get what I mean.

Similarly, even when they are quite young, I find that most children understand what I mean when I say: GOD is not a name that I use for a supernatural and human-like being with certain attributes, or qualities--the kind of being (God) defined in most dictionaries, or the kind believed in and worshiped by church-going theists and denied by atheists. Nor is GOD an object--one with dimensions that one can point to and say: There is GOD. GOD cannot be put in a box or described in a book.

Yes, there is more that can be said here, but I will leave it there, for now.
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