There is another topic thread on this forum called "Evidence For God" and this could go there, except it hadn't been posted on recently.

I don't believe in supernatural-type evidence or even in the "how else could everything have started" kind of evidence, just evidence via the natural world that we evolved in and now live in.

So instead of trying to prove "God" we can simply define "God" or Being as the beingness that we associate with existence itself. That way deity doesn't have to be proved. The way I look at it, it never successfully has or can be. If you think of God as creator and even sustainer it is still a separation of sorts, and being or beingness is so better, whether given the name God or not.

What is called religious naturalism is about where I am, though I prefer spiritual naturalism because the word religion too has so much baggage.

I wrote a short article for on "Why Does Anything Exist?" and what I came up with might be unsatisfactory in a way but hope it worked on these ideas. Rev. King you might have already read it, but I have edited it and for others it is here--