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1. "Totally fruitless?" In my opinion, no!
I have questions for you:
How willing are you to understand what it means to have the power to will, to think and to do?
What do you know about, and think of, the human ability to imagine?
How important is this ability to human beings?

Yea it's pretty important.


2. "Without GOD?" That is like saying we can explore existence by doing "without Existence". Can we see, physically, without eyes?

I don't want an analogy. Can we eat without food? Can we breathe without lungs? What's the point of these meaningless questions? Are you saying that your GOD is necessary to explore nature? Of course it isn't. People have being doing science fine for hundreds of years without it.


3. "My God?" GOD is not an object to be possessed. If we agree to it, our very existence means that we are the ones who are possessed--in GOD.

I'm sure you know what I meant. Your idea of GOD, I didn't mean you possess GOD, but that you possess the idea.


4. The role of the imagination? Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." It is the foundation of creative and new knowledge.

Imagination is fine to start with, but you have to go further. You've stopped at the imagination stage and are treating it like a conclusion. But you haven't even started testing it. At this stage it's no more valid than a traditional God, or a primitive Sun god or whatever. Those ideas also stopped at the imagination stage, and that's why we see them as rubbish.


6. I repeat, Existence, the Real World, and GOD--physically, mentally and spiritually speaking--are, for me, one and the same.

Existence = Real world = GOD

Finally! So you can drop the redundant name GOD and just call it "Real world".

But I think you still cling to the idea that GOD is somehow different from what we normally accept as the real world. Except you don't clearly explain how and certainly don't have any evidence. Which makes the concept no better than any other religion - just with less details.