before there was the primordial ball, which became the BIG bang,

Nah. Even though if you ask me I will tell you that I am Christian and believe full body in the Bible it goes beyond that and is worthy of discussion on a science forum.

Take M theory. That says there are 11 dimensions? God is that which exists on all dimensions simultaneously. What's that theory about time, that all choices that can be made are made in parallel universes? I don't believe that idea is correct but for me God is that which can see all possibilities and directs life to his desire. Forever the artist painting the picture of life. The creator did not just throw the bucket of paint on the wall and say perfect. Creation was not just a singular process but life itself.

Let there be light! Not a magicianís trick, now you see it, now you donít. Creation was birthed out of a tremendous force of will. Godís will. And we were created in Godís image. Not a being of two legs and two arms etc but creators of life. Eternal beings that are a part of the very fabric of existence changing the very nature of that existence though our force of will. Observing the particle changes it.

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It's not Global Warming, it's Ice Age Abatement.