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... How about being honest enough to acknowledge it as a fantasy? Plenty of fiction authors have done the same, and people enjoy their work, even getting inspiration from them to guide their real lives
fan·ta·sy –noun
imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained.
the forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing.
a mental image, especially when unreal or fantastic; vision: a nightmare fantasy.
If you want to think of a god who is a fantasy as defined above, go ahead.

GOD, for me, is not a noun. This is why I use all caps.
I speak only for myself when I say: For me, GOD is not A human-like being at all--imagined, fantasized or otherwise. GOD is ALL Being, that which, like ultimate reality, is as real as life itself. GOD is all Being--evolving ad infinitum.

At the same time we are, if we so choose, evolving within GOD. Have you read the links I gave to Dr. A.N. Whitehead--a great mathematician and philosopher, and the Rev. Charles Hartshorne--who write about about process theology?

My definition is my definition; I do not impose it on others. It is not a fixed position. Like in science, philosophy and art, I also leave room for imagination, growth and new ideas.

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