Within the physical realm, I defend the scientific method against all comers. It's the only reliable way to deal with the material universe. There is, of course, vastly more to the universe than can be grasped by our fledgling science, and there's reason to suspect that will always be so, no matter how wonderful future science may become. Well, that's science and its ability to answer the 'how' questions about our home - the universe, the multiverse, whatever it is. What science does not address is the question 'why'.

I've had my own objectively unproveable experiences which have told me, as clearly as any scientific experiment, that there's very much more to spacetime and consciousness than usually meets our awareness. Though such claims may be refuted, that's of no account. I know. That's sufficient.

My limited contribution, for what it's worth, is my unverifiable claim that (1) consciousness, information - can transcend the normally recognised limitations of time and space and that may or may not relate to personal existence beyond the demise of the physical body. (2) Through consciousness itself, without any analysis, there can be glimpsed an infinitely greater 'reality', with profound meaning and purpose. For the moment, I'll borrow Rev's technique and supply a label, i.e. "".

"" is the answer to the question "why".

"" is, eternally. From our perspective, "" encompasses all that has been, is, and ever will be, through the infinity of dimensions and the infinity of universes - and it includes in every detail, every part of you and me, physically and spiritually, eternally.

Perhaps "" is Rev's GØD.

There are, of course, problems involved in any discussion of such things (especially on a science forum!), so it isn't my intention to get into a prolonged and circular debate about it. Mine is yet another rambling interpretation to add to the long list, to categorise, pigeon-hole, and reject. We're only human. We cannot adequately describe that which is ineffable.
"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Wheeler