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CONGRATULATIONS to REV for 3,000,000 hits!!!!

That is REMARKABLE!!!!
And the following is also REMARKABLE: In three days, 27,000 new hits have been added to the total.

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All this prompts me to ask: How come there are so few posters?

Have you no curiosity? If so, what does this say about it?
By the way, notwithstanding the above, the ongoing interest in this NQS thread is much appreciated.

One could say that when one walks into a church where their beliefs are counter to the majority that it is pointless to speak to deaf ears.
What one assumes is dialogue, another will see as an affront to ones good nature and beliefs of behavior when opinions are not accepted without the need to define the person or their opinions as being relevant to ones sense of reality.

I have my own thoughts, that are relevant to the direct experience of Spirit and or of God. One can speak a multitude of words which are full of good intent, but without the wisdom of direct experience words are just full of belief... which is constantly changing.
In the beliefs of the those who have good intentions, are more often than not, the lack of experience where divine nature is missing in those things which are necessary for spiritual awakening and growth. A person will easily reject all thoughts which clash with their sense of reality as they experience it. Not being open to something other than ones own beliefs and idealisms one will close themselves off to something that seems counter and even offensive to ones pride and self identification.
Right Rev? You know how to quickly apply the ignore button to those things and those people whom you have found as counter productive to your beliefs and your agenda, and you enjoy speaking out how you can so easily reject that which does not please your senses.

The subject of Religion is controversial, as is the subject of spirituality and God. Where dialogue begins with someone who would boast incessantly of personal achievement, one might not want to step into the realm of self/spiritual comparison.

One example I like to use in describing the ignorance of subtle realities is the story of Lazarus. He was sick and dying, and his sisters approached Jesus to come right away, to heal him like he had so many others. Jesus was a friend of the family and they figured he would come to their aid without any delay, but Jesus told the sisters to go home and wait for him since he had business to finish.
During the time that Jesus (the great healer) had taken to finish his business and arrive at the home of Lazarus, Lazarus had died. His sisters full of emotion only wailed that he had taken too long and had missed the opportunity to turn something so wrong into something right.
Jesus only shook his head and told them to wake up and see the truth in what had taken place. "Life" he said, "Is in the spirit and the body is only clothing for the soul." Jesus knew there was something unfinished in Lazarus life/sickness, and it had to play itself out as karma (life desire and self created lesson). Only then could Jesus step in to bring Lazarus back to life to begin his ministry. Even a God does not interfere with free will. Jesus then commanded Lazarus to awaken from his death/sleep and then ministered/taught Lazarus to minister the Truth to others that is the reality of life without relative boundaries of belief and opinion.
Lazarus then took his ability to raise the dead and heal the sick out into the world.

A friend once said to me: "in order to send an arrow forward you have to pull the bow back with enough insight and energy to propel it toward its goal."

When you are concerned about saving others and cannot save yourself, from the illusions of your own beliefs (in that you have decided what God is and isn't) you cannot help another. At least not directly anyway.. you can be a great mirror of ego claiming wisdom thru delusion however. In that, there is always utility in everything that takes place.
God is not always orderly, nor does God always look good to the ego. In fact utility can be extremely repulsive to the ego.

Spiritualism can be alot like the welfare system. Those who are blinded and immersed in their own idealisms, try to bring their idea of salvation to the people who aren't ready to make a change in their beliefs or ideas about their lives. Sometimes, those approached by such systems take what they can from the system, but inside they continue as they always have until such a time that they will make a change for themselves to step forward and take control of their lives.
Until then they allow others to pour forth all of their energy to give what they think is nurturing to the soul.
The soul which is much bigger than the ministers belief already has a plan, but most spiritualists will assume they could act as God in God's wisdom and possibly do better than God to change the world where God has done such a poor job of things.
In truth these people need each other to see themselves as one would look into a mirror. However one does not always see past the surface appearances of ones own blind immersion into the personal reality of belief. Until one rises above belief, one does not see or hear very clearly.
Hence the saying: "Those with the eyes to see will see, and the ears to hear will comprehend."

People are easily distracted and often assume that those who make the most noise are the ones with the most to offer. And those who make the most noise are often needing the most attention and recognition to claim their righteousness.
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