Originally Posted By: Kallog--Thursday, May 12.

1. Still no answer to what justice means?
2. No examples?
3. No idea how the behavior of carnivorous animals relates to GOD?
4. No examples of any (conceivable) connection between GOD and people?
5. No explanation of how an undetectable thing (the part of GOD outside the universe) can interact with things in the universe?
6. No idea why a non-thinking, non-conscious, non-human-like GOD would be have any influence on high-level human decisions?
7. No explanation why it doesn't influence non-believers, despite them being part of it?

Then Bill S responded to Kallog's rhetorical questions:
Are you seriously expecting definitive answers to these questions? This is the sort of discussion that can go round in circles for generations. Indeed, it has done just that.

What is justice? It's a human concept, and may have no meaning beyond that.

As for God and carnivores, this is a red herring. Carnivores have a place in the economy of nature, and if God was responsible for this, the problem is simply one of anthropomorphism.

No connection between God and people? People are God.

Part of God outside the universe? How do you define the universe in this context?

As for a "non-thinking, non-conscious, non-human-like GOD"; if everything is God, then God is thinking, conscious and human-like, without being a daddy in the sky.

No explanation why it doesn't influence non-believers? Who says it doesn't influence non-believers? I don't think panentheism precludes the concept of free will.

The fact that I could turn each of these arguments on its head (without waiting for you to do it), simply underlines the fact that as long as there are people with ideas and beliefs there will be no conclusion.
Bill S., thanks for your help in making the point, clearly, that the asking of too many rhetorical questions ( not really questions at all)--one after the other--is not the best way to encourage the sharing of ideas.
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