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Not to worry, Those who are not invested in the identifications of your ego are less likely to be caught in any idea of being victimized by you.
Those who are resonant with your idealistic beliefs in being a Self Appointed Guru will be the ones who will most violently react to that which they hate about themselves.

The world is always a perfect mirror of what is inside of our hearts. Ones treasure is where ones heart is.
The true treasure of the heart is the "One," God/Consciousness.
But the ego cannot see the forest for the trees, or for the identifications it puts on everything surrounding the heart in its illusions of self proclaimed identity and accomplishments of relative self worth and self measure.

Everything is of consciousness, and for the ego that really doesn't compute, for consciousness is simply the energetic firing of synapses within the fleshy material of the mortal brain, which dies with the created physical body.
So the ego does not recognize itself in the world within its sensory reach, only what it idealizes in the world as personal.

God/consciousness, the creator never leaves its immortal status. Ego however, blinded by the fear of pain and suffering ever seeks to protect itself from everything that it does not recognizes as its own. That would be the personal separated from the whole by fear and the illusion of ignorance (the ignoring of the absolute Self within everything).

We all attract exactly what we need to further our growth. That would be because we create everything that is within ourselves.
When we carry so much baggage around the heart what we see in the world around us is exactly the reflection of ourselves.

The True Guru only points one back toward their heart. The disciple then must learn to separate the illusions of what is wrapped around the heart and sees in the mirror to get to the actual heart or the Self.
Often the Guru will patiently wait for the student to move past the egoic resistance to letting self identification go, and the personal need to be in control, until the student finally opens the self to greater perception.
In the correcting of vision that the Guru performs in service to the students quest to regain the awareness of the Self, there is no ego, only service and surrender to the students greater goal toward expanded consciousness and freedom from suffering in the illusions of false perceptions.

Full appreciation for the Guru and their egoless presence is not recognized until one finally knows what it is like to have mastered their own ego, and experiences how twisted it is in always taking the attention outward into what it thinks is happening to it as a victim to its own creation.

Anything that threatens the self control of the ego and its limitations it violently reacts toward.

Only one who has recognized God within everything can know that everything that comes to ones self is for intellectual and spiritual growth in the reflections of illusion and truth so that one can master the difference and understand the Self.
This process engages certain aspects of yoga such as Svadhaya, (Study of the Self) and Isvara Pranidana, (Surrendering everything of perception to God/Consciousness/Self). Primary to Isvara Pranidana is first, the experience or conscious recognition of God/Consciousness/Self.

The path of love embraces everything and is relative to the fully awakened intellect and spiritually connected individual.
The path of fear divides everything and is born of stress within the nervous system and the ego.

Innocence is not replaced by ignorance in the path of Love, only the student who is ready to know the difference will draw a True Guru to aid them in their path toward the heart.

Ignorance is a great shadow that blinds innocence when the path is full of fear, and it draws all kinds of false Gods and Gurus toward ones self so that it can see exactly what resides within the heart of beliefs and the ego.

Everything is always a gift for ones growth.

I am impressed by the humble witness of teachers like Eckhart Tolle.

Just a thought....but have you thought about actually surrendering yourself and your ego to someone like Tolle, and becoming a student to the Teacher, to master the difference between the self appointed guru within yourself and the True Guru in Him?

There ain't nothing like when the rubber meets the road and actually coming face to face with a True Teacher, rather than hiding behind self interpretations of a what you believe is in a book.
I've seen what you have done with your interpretations of scripture and how you personalize it rather than recognizing any truth that would be universal to all (which would be far beyond the personalization of the ego).

After all those years spent with religion it might be something new to chew on, meeting someone who impresses you with a greater truth than you have immersed yourself in the past.

I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!