UNItheism is really a simple--in the profound sense of the word--and child-like theology. UNItheism and the universe have a lot in common.

THE EGO--part of our humanity
All one needs to do is: Begin with the unit of being we call 'I', the ego--from the Latin and Greek for 'I'. Now this is not too difficult to understand, is it?

I revise the above paragraph as follows:

All one needs to do is: Begin with the unit of being we call 'I', the ego--from the Latin and Greek for 'I'.

In other words, begin with what we call the self, the mind, the soul, the spirit. The Greek is 'pneuma'.

From it we get pneumatic, pneumonia and even pneumatology--the archaic word for psychology, which is the study of the Spirit--human and divine.

BTW, in the Greek, 'pneuma' literally means air, wind, breath. So do the Hebrew (ruach) and Latin (spiritus) translations. They serve as metaphors for that which we feel is beyond what we call measurable matter.

Interestingly, the ancient Greeks thought of air, wind and breath as being god-like mysteries, and gifts from the gods to us mere mortals. What we call the cosmos, or space--something to be explored--was to them was all mystery.

Interestingly also is: The ancient Greeks had no word for space in our sense of the word. The term 'cosmos' referred not to a field of space, but to a sum of harmoniously ordered bodies.

In All-Experts-Dot Com--a FREE and helpful source of information--I found that the ancient Greeks had two words to indicate what is going on up there--we think 'out there'--in ‘endless space’, and one word which indicates ‘a space with a border’--three altogether.

Here they are:

1-“Kenón” (Greek fonts available here), a neuter noun, which means either ‘endless space’ or ‘empty space’, ‘void’, according to Democritus who talks about empty space ,‘the void of space’, between atoms and says: “Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion”.

2-“Cháos” (Greek fonts...) a neuter noun meaning
“primordial space”, “infinite space”. In early Greek cosmology the chaos was in fact the personification of the primordial void. In fact, in the beginning there was only ‘chaos’, that was a shapeless and confused mass of elements.

3-“Chõros” (Greek fonts...), a masculine noun which means ‘space’ in the sense of a definite area that has a border.

The purpose of unitheism--in cooperation with the physicists who are exploring the News Physics, and who are seeking to demonstrate that there is a unified field in which we live and move and have our being--is to bring some theological unity to all this, in accordance with the principles of science.

A word of caution: It is the opinion of great souls everywhere that if we allow this ego of ours to take over and arrogantly call the shots, so to speak, it will, like an immature child, get us into all kinds of problems, as it has already. Do you remember the movie: LORD OF THE FLIES?

However, if we willingly surrender the ego of the service of service of others and the task that is before, there is no limit as to what we can and will accomplish. And there is an infinity of space, and an eternity of time, in which to accomplish it.

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