Okay, Rev., here is what I understand you are trying to say: You want your readers to understand that, while it is cute, and mostly acceptable, to be child-like in our thinking, it is a limited kind of thinking.

Please feel free to correct me if I am on the wrong track, but it is my understanding that you want people to be free and to think for themselves. You want people to have a concept of God that is compatible with their maturity.

For example, as a child I thought of God as being like my father. It so happened that my father was a good and strong person. I was fortunate. However, can you imagine what would have happened if my father was otherwise?

Like the Rev., I want to know what it is that people have in mind when they use the term 'god', or 'God'.

Therefore, I ask atheists: What do you have in mind when you hear, or use, the term 'God', or 'god'?.

Keep in mind that, like the Rev., I do not think of God as a personal being, out there, separate and apart from all that is, including the physical universe.

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