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How about your "box"? Tell us about it.

Well, in your eyes it is everything you believe I stand for... or don't stand for.
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Tell us about the "original teachings" "the roots". You say:
God is not democratic. God is not a person bound by human or democratic idealisms.
I certainly agree. And G0D does not play political games. IMO, G0D simply [i][b[/i]]IS[/b].

God plays all kinds of games. Humanity is a game.
As for roots.. That which I have spoken of, you have not accepted. Something about not liking a lack of definition.

Tell you what. How about you define that which simply is.
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BTW, what is the "common point of origin"? you speak of
Your "experience of God?" "Spirituality?" and "morality?" What are they?

That which creates and serves the creation of humanity. In that there is nothing that is exclusive. AND nothing of the relative impresses or impacts it.

Moral action then, is that which is joined with all that IS in the reflection of creation. EVERYTHING is love, or direction and functionality.
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Tell us about your location

Midwestern United States.
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family, and children

Parents and brothers all alive and well, no children of my own.
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and your vocation

Co founder and officer of a non-profit corporation.
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and avocation.
Monk of a pre-christian order.
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I have no idea what you mean when you say,
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"Beliefs color all aspects of reality and without the understanding and experience of God, spirituality and morality are subjective."
Please, re-translate.

God and the experience of God is superior to any belief system. Regardless of belief God still exists as God and does not change because of ones changing beliefs.

God is not democratic.
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