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Jesus used to tell his stories or parables in such a fashion, that his disciples asked him why he didn't explain things in a more simple fashion to fit the intellect of the simple man.

TT, when he was asked why he spoke in parables, I take it that his response was pure sarcasm. In effect he was saying: You ask a dumb question, I give you a dumb answer. Yes, Jesus had a sense of humour, IMO.

He used to say let those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see, hear and see. He also made the statement "cast ye no pearls before swine."

Now, he wasn't a judgmental person and he had no feelings of resentment toward anyone, so why call someone who could not take truth and make use of it swine, or to state that his words were only for those who could understand the word of God and not for those who could not see or hear the words as he gave them?
TT, keep in mind, I am making the effort to understand you. Does this make me a swine? smile BTW, I agree with you when you say that God and organized religion are not just one and the same.

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