To anyone that has seriously studied the 'concept' of God, I think it is quite obvious that God is not a 'being'. Personification of God is just an attempt to give shape to the idea so it becomes easier to associate with it the same way as you would denote energy by 'E' so it becomes easier to use the concept of energy in propounding theories and in conducting experiments and in designing equations and what not.

As to God being everything good, orderly and desirable, I think that's a great way of putting it. I would also like to think of God as a state. A state of absolute knowledge and thereby absolute equilibrium, absolute tranquility, absolute detachment and total peace. In such a state, nothing can be 'good'or 'bad' as you see everything for what it truly is (much like Neo in 'The Matrix'). You are completely free of your mental fixations and go beyond space and time.

Also, I would like to believe that everything that happens (that we in our myopic vision would term as 'bad' or 'good') is just a struggle to attain the state of equilibrium just like science tells you that every particle is in a constant struggle to reach equilibrium. Of course, in the state of absolute equilibrium, you see EVERYTHING for what it truly is and gain complete control over EVERYTHING since you no more have any mental blocks which gives the idea of God being all powerful (again, much like our Neo).

I'm a practicing Hindu and most schools of thought in Hinduism hint towards this idea though it is very surprising how few actually realize this. Infact, many popular Hindu schools will tell you anyone can be God (you could also say 'anyone can be a part of God') by attaining this state.

Of course, finally, everything Good, Orderly and Desirable would (according to me) tend towards this very idea as I'm pretty sure the 'Good' that you talk about is not the myopic idea of good that the world usually talks about but the ABSOLUTE Good.