Why I had picked up the expression islam has as one of it's key components al-Qiyamah (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qiyamah) basically the end of the world.

As it has been explained to me the interpretation in wiki is very accurate

- Destruction/flattening of the earth
- Creation of a new earth
- Resurrection of the dead
- Gathering of people
- Each held to account fo actions
- You get sent to hell/heaven

Belief in it is compulsory.

I always struggled with Islam because of it, buddhism with it's infinite cycles was more appealing (not sure if that word is right .. sorry).

The way it read I wondered if this was another version of al-Qiyamah or did it mean god came and made the world better and cured it etc.

Taoism for example has mankind eventually becoming "enlightened" meaning we all become aware of the three jewels compassion, moderation, and humility.

So the other way of reading it was GOD came down and he spread "enlightenment" for want of a better word.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.