Revlgking: "Is it possible for us to have a non dogma-based religion that is compatible with a rational kind of spirituality?"
In answer to your question above, I absolutely believe it is possible and inevitable to achieve a common ground spirituality that is rational and supports the unity of all creation. Whether or not I would call that a religion, I am not sure? The term “religion” may become obsolete as we evolve.

In my work we isolate each negative emotional reaction and shift it mentally. For every shift that takes place, a distinctly higher-minded process and often spiritual consideration takes the place of the prior stress. This is so predictable we have been able to help individuals blueprint the changes they desire. Everyone we encounter desires changes on one way or another. Each change opens functions and elevates considerations that lead to the next desired change. It is profound yet graceful and gentle.

As these changes relate to spirituality and religion, we observe participants, who use this technique regularly, much more willing to engage in spiritual conversations without the dogmatic antagonisms, regardless of religious back ground. It is also noted that we have shared this technique with 100’s of people including Catholics, agnostics, atheists, Baptists, Buddhists; all use the program and feel as if they are attaining a new level of spiritual understanding within themselves. The distinct lines of judgment that separate individual beliefs, on all levels, seem to dim and are replaced with understanding and enlightenment.

Based on clinical observations, I have much hope for humanity as we learn new ways to repair/reboot our highly misunderstood emotional system. I must say in retrospect that religion was seemingly developed as a way to integrate negative emotional responses into a spiritual framework. In reality the experiences of negative emotions and spiritual connectedness are mutually exclusive. When ego replaces spirit, religion replaces spirituality.