TFF, you write: "And yet the Old Testament is what most people in the West rely on for their definition of "God".

Thanks for pointing this out, TFF. For years I have refused to believe in the "God" as described in much of the Bible. Because of this stand, some "Christians", with judgement in their voices, over the years have called me an atheist.

When this accusation is made I simply respond: I believe in what John said about God. And it is in the Bible. He said, "God is LOVE". If you refuse to accept this, I hope we can at least agree to disagree, agreeably." smile

TFF, thanks, also, for the following comment: "I'm on your side if you simply wish to wean people off this definition."

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HOPE TO DO...I hope to get people to stop thinking of God in the same way that young children think of Santa Claus. I want people to grow up and think as rational grown ups.

Then you add: "As far as I'm concerned you can call anything you like "God". After you've done that, as long as you don't use this idea to justify unethical political decisions."

Please expand on your last comment. What do you mean by "this idea"?

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