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... And Bill S I had to look up who Jodi Foster was hubba hubba she can make me do anything :-)
Orac, for a smile, leave out the dash,- in :-) Then you will get this smile. For a laugh, add the letter D to the colon, : and you will get this laugh
BTW (by the way), Orac, about religion:

I am thinking about asking my artist friend and co-founder of unitheism, Warren Farr--you can do a search on his name, for more info about him--if we should not change the name to unit-theism.

I suggest this because this is what I have in mind when I meta-tate on what IS--existence is an ever-expanding unit of being. I find that when I will to be at one with this unit, good things tend to happen; when I will to resist being part of the unit--which I am free to will, good things do not tend to happen.

Your comments and question will help me defend or abandon this idea. I am always open to constructive criticisms and questions.
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