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... This is a question that puzzles me....
Come on folks! Give us a boost, before the "old faithfuls" really turn into "old fuddy-duddies", kicking around the same old topics.... infinitely!
BS, I suspect that--even when anonymity is respected--a lot of people fear the act of writing to public forums. Posters who flame a lot, and put-down-artists keep a lot of people silent.

For example, compared to the number of readers, how many people actually write to the NY Times?
Compared to the number of people who are artistic, how many people actually do some art?
Look at the number of people who avoid putting their X on a ballot at election time.
Many have one or more of the following attitudes:
1. What's-the-use!
2. I'm too busy!
3. I want to be left alone.
4. Let George do it!
5. Who cares!
6. I just enjoy reading and listening.

Any other suggestions?
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