Sam and Ellis: I assume that both of you are, by now, well aware that my wife and I belong to a fellowship--a new group ( since Jan. 2006). Though it is sponsored by the more traditional, but open-minded, United Church of Canada--it is made up of members who not bound to accept doctrines, liturgies, rituals and the like just because someone says they should. Our fellowship also believes that faith need never be contrary to science and reason.

THE UNITED CHURCH OBSERVER--Our national magazine.
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Why a faith-based magazine feels it's important to sponsor a museum exhibit on Charles Darwin.

Non-Christians, agnostics, non-theists, and even atheists are welcome. We come together as pilgrims, walking in the light we have, in the journey we call life. We are here to be of holistic (body, mind and spirit) service to one another and for the good of the total community, including the secular one. My wife and I have no desire to belong to a religion that is in any way judgemental; or one that is so heavenly minded that it of no earthly good.
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