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More to the point, the data directly disproves the idea you are proposing - a static universe.

Now, there's something I didn't propose!

Time, like space, was a product of the BB. Hence, why it is mathmatically impossible to talk about "before" the BB.

Yet cosmologists are increasingly talking about "before the BB". Do you have access to BBC 2 Horizon 11th Oct?

Of course I want to test my ideas against established science, that's one of the reasons I joined Science a Go Go. It is probably important to distinguish between ideas and beliefs.

I watched the video (thanks for that) and intend watching it again, before making any comments, other, than to mention that even L K insists that nothing is not nothing any more.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that this is a "Not-Quite-Science" thread, so letting the exuberance of lively discussion escape occasionally might be forgiven.
There never was nothing.