After reading Dawkins, Hitchens and other modern
atheists--BTW, I read Ingersol, Bertrand Russell, Freud and others, decades ago--I have come to the conclusion that the big problem is one of semantics and has much to do with how we define words like God, the Bible, heaven, hell and other theological concepts.

When I read what atheists say about God and tell us about the god they have in mind--the god of the literally minded--I have little
difficulty denying the kind of god about whom they write. Because I find atheism an impossible concept to accept this led me to come up with my own way of looking at the ground of all being and to my concocting my own word for it.

BTW, I agree with those who say--and there is now a book with this as title--"I do not have enough faith to be an atheist".
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