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I have NO idea what the symbols mean as I am totally distracted by the well-endowed ladies with the incendiary tail-lights!
Ellis, thanks for your artistic comment. Click on the image for more about art and the arts.

Art is a form of human activity appealing to the imagination. The arts, including the making of words, things that can be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, touched are civilizations storehouse of felt values, the rendering of what has seemed important to those of imagination, profound feeling and great mastery of expression,

The arts depend more on special practice, action, than on general principles. For example, writing in this forum is an art. It is more concerned with the action of communicating than with grammar--about the science of writing. Of course we need both, but writing owes more to art than to grammar. Similarly, well kept gardens owe more to art than to the science of botany and nature.

IMO, The artist works (Thanks, Warren Farr) to get our attention to that which is possible and probable--beautiful, good and true, or even ugly. The art of religion--that is, the kind, such a unitheism, without superstition--helps us make the choice as to which is which.
Essays on art. And Google has many such: