Kallog, it seems to me that you want a god of whom you can make an image. Is this so?

You say,"The universe is like a work of art in progress." I agree.

You say,"It's changing from simple to complex."

To which I will add: As more and more of us agree to practice the art of working together in the spirit of cooperation and loving service--that is agape-love--it will get better and better. But only is becoming a better, evolving and become for

You say, "We people are influencing that change." Very much so! And the more of us that do so, the better.

"GOD doesn't guide us or force us."

Again, you are trying to think of a god of whom you can make and image, agreed?

Rhetorically, I ask: Does air force us to breathe? Does power force us to use it? Do knowledge and wisdom force us to learn and be wise? Do space and time force us to be and live within it? Of course not, they are all at our service. Are we humans so willfully blind and arrogant so as not to see this?

I wrap all these things and concepts into one LOGOS (conceptual idea, or word)and call IT GOD. Interestingly, the Gospel of John begins with: "In the beginning was the word." I find this a very practical use of the "word" GOD. Is there anything wrong with using such a convenient acronym?

IMSO--my sincere opinion--GOD is that which wants to be of service from within us and from beyond us. The more of us who catch on to this and see it as a great example worth imitating, the sooner we will create that beautiful garden out of which our mythical first-parents were cast by a mythical God.

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