Quote.. me via Rev ...."the numerous wars that have religion as the cause"

Rev I did not say that ALL wars are caused by religion, or that only religious people start wars, I merely suggested that religion has been the cause of many wars and also amazing brutality (eg The Inquisition. The destruction of the Aztecs, the history of missionaries the world over, including Australia....etc etc)

To return to religious wars--- Here are a few examples. The Crusades, the 'Troubles' in Ireland, the factional wars of Islam such as the Taliban, the Last Gulf War labelled as a crusade by Mr Bush, the multitude of colonial wars which were probably land grabs but were stated to be wars against the ungodly heathen..... and so on, right up until now when there are wars in Ethiopia and Somalia, with religious overtones. True believers in any creed are often zealots, often, they feel, for the very best reasons.

Wars arise from points of difference and unfortunately religious belief provides too large a difference for many to ignore.